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Level :Diploma | Stream :Film & Television | Subject :Video Editing & Sound Recording
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Level :Diploma | Stream :Engineering | Subject :TV & Sound Engineering
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Level :Diploma/Undergraduate | Stream :Engineering
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"i want to knw about SOUND ENGINEERING and its course..wat is the eligibility for doing tis course??is diploma enough to do this course after completing 10th alone?"
11 Feb 2014 09:43 PM in Sciences:Science Colleges
"i want to knw about SOUND ENGINEERING and its course..wat is the eligibility for doing tis course??is diploma enough to do this course after completing 10th alone?"
28 May 2014 05:24 PM in Sciences:Science Colleges
"sir, i have to do sound engineering course with your institution...and i would have to know the features, details....."
03 Nov 2010 04:41 PM in IT-ITeS:IT-ITeS Institutes
"I'm deciding what I should major in next year. How hard is chemical engineering compared to electrical engineering. I know for a fact that it is easier to get into a university as a chem engineer major..."
29 May 2009 12:36 PM in USA:Bachelors Education
"whether john martin cass academy is recognized by UGC,India"
08 Jun 2014 12:24 PM in Australia:Colleges
"to get into any ivy league university,what must be my gpa,gre/toefl scores? im from a not so economically sound background... how much should i score to get into univ like stanford and mit??? do extra..."
19 Aug 2009 02:05 PM in USA:Masters Education


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"CEED (Common Entrance Examination for Design) is an all India examination conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT, Bombay), on behalf of the Ministry of Human Resources Development,..."
Form Available from :August 8, 2012 | Form Submission deadline :September 3, 2012 | Exam Date :November 25, 2012 | Result Date :December 26, 2012
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Army Welfare Education Soc Army Institute Of Technology - Pune

Army Welfare Education Soc Army Institute Of Technology - Pune

Found Sound Atmosphere
"An excellent college in Pune and improved every year" - 13 Dec 2010
M E I Polytechnic - Bangalore

M E I Polytechnic - Bangalore

Best Diploma College In Bangalore
"This is the ever best college for students who pay heed on their education, who wants to gain knowledge n grow up as a good citizen..." - 05 Jul 2010
Jaypee University of Information Technology - Solan


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"Have you ever thought of the people behind all the technology that makes things around us easier- from mobile phones to computers, from remotes that control almost everything around us to cameras that..."
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"There is a lot more to filmmaking than ‘lights, camera and action’. Films are a blend of creativity and technicality making it an important media not only for entertainment and information,..."


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