Top Career Options For Humanities Students
07 Apr, 2010 25 Comments
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1. Civil service

For Humanities students, civil services is the first choice, and many take it up only because of this. Humanitarian subjects like history, political science, sociology, geography etc helps you prepare better and be a better administrator.

2. Mass Communication

You can be a journalist. Or an event manager, public relations officer, corporate communicator. Also are other options like media planning, advertising. And film making, that again may be fiction or non fiction. Other options are - Media Specialist, Publishing, Radio/TV Announcer, Television Producer, Media Researcher, Community Relations Specialist.

3. Researcher and Writer

An individual with Arts background is naturally suited to be a good at research and writing. The experience of writing since school days, makes them capable of expressing better than the rest. Some career options include - Author, Columnist, Copy Editor, Critic, Editor, Grant Writing, Interpreter, Translator, Playwright, Script Writer, Speech Writer, Lyricist, Educational Assistant.

4. Hospitality Industry

You can do a hotel management course, be a chef or customer manager. You can also be an air hostess. This industry is vast, upcoming and has immense scope.

5. Fine Arts

Naturally geared towards arts and crafts, with a creative bent of mind, helps humanities students choose fine arts very conveniently as a carer option.

6. Designer

You can be either of the following – Fashion Designer, Interior Decorator, Textile Designer, Jewelery Designer, Gemologist, Product Designer, Footwear Designer.

7. Travel and Tourism Industry

A very viable option.

8. Social Work

This is a good option, and you can utilize your knowledge her aptly. You can work with an NGO, be a social activist, work with distresses sections of the society, be an animal rights or human rights activist, be an environmentalist. All this will put to practice the vast bag of learning that you have gained on social issues, problems, rights – legal and social, and ways to resolve issues.

9. Law

Lots of students go for a a law degree after graduation in humanities or even after class XII. Knowing about political science, history, sociology etc helps in this field.

10. Teaching Profession

A very convenient, viable choice. Can be at any level – kindergarten, primary or secondary level at school, college level teacher, specialized teacher, etc.

User Comments(25)

anshul sarathe

08 Sep, 2010
i like arts very much because it is very good subject

12 Nov, 2010
humanties iis an excellnt subject! students should be encouraged to take it up! it gives u a wide exposure to genral knowledge! i luv it!

09 Feb, 2011
Humanities these days is having increased demand.
Students with a creative bent of mind are required in various professions.
It is highly recommended!
So if you are thinking about humanities, please do not think twice. Let go of orthodox thinking which hinders you to go forward to pursue your interest! :)

09 Apr, 2011
i dnt knw y every one thinks dat humanities is taken by below average person nd dats totally an orthodox thinking.....if u hv interest in humanities then go 4 it without thinking dat it is consider to b d worst stream nd its totally opposite!!!!! JUST GO AS PER UR INTEREST.......

20 Apr, 2011
I scored 86% in boards but still I took humanities. Everyone tells me why you took humanities after scoring such good marks. My only answer to them 'Humanities is not less than science or commerce even it is more tough than both of these subjects and I took this subject out of interest and not out of compulsion.'

21 Apr, 2011
humanities is a good subject .it generally tells basic information which these days is truly important .humanities is similar to science and is subject of history and general knowledge and is one of the toughest subjects equally tougher as science and commerce.

22 Jun, 2011
i just wanna have a view from other humanities students during and after their course how did u feel and what job or career have u taken up?

19 Aug, 2011
i luv humanities cuz its helps an individual in his/her over all developmnt

25 Aug, 2011
i think taking humanities is a very good oppurtunity and i strongly feel that it is not at all useless instead by this we are able to prove our talent and i advise one must take subjects by his/her interests not with pressure coz study needs your interest.

20 Nov, 2011
i cud score CGPA 9.6 in 10th board exam during the year 2009-2010.... Now I'm studying in the humanities stream.... My dislike 2wards science n passion 2wards writing made me choose this stream.. It gives me immense pleasure 2 b a humanities student... The only matter that I'm sad abt is that a major portion of people think that humanities is meant 4 students without brains... That's a totally wrong concept.... I luv Humanities... It makes ur intelligence n thinking capacity more wide....

03 Mar, 2012
m confused...wat to do aftr 12 isc???n really tensed abt future..nd unfrtnelately i AM THE ONLY HUMANITIES STUDENT IN MY SKUL..!

26 Mar, 2012
taking arts is to know about politics and many general knowledge we have many career option like in science or commerce

10 Jun, 2012
ITs really stupid that people think that humanities is a subject only for mediocre/average students. Its absolutely wrong. Humanities is not an easy subject. Its very tough if one doesn't understand. But its still a very enjoyable subject. It increases our general knowledge, gives us a new point of veiw and improves our attitude toward life. With stress of long chapters plus projects and assignments, its also a good blend of fun and learning together. I love humanities. Low minded people should definitely change their veiw about this subject. Am i right, everybody? :)

20 Jan, 2013
wen i took humanities every1 said 2 me y r u destroyng ur future there is no scope of humanities nd no values it in outside world . i was also vry mch tensed ' bt nw i feel proud 2 b humanities student 'cz i was nt intrested in it bt cz of pressure of family nd frndz i have to take it up.. nw m hppie nd njoyng my stream...

26 Mar, 2013
Looks like only students view is being voiced!!!
Well I am a parent of a daughter who scored 9.6 cgpa in 10 th. We admitted her in Science and one week into it she felt that it wasn't for her. Well, I met the faculty in the school and got her shifted to humanities which was her choice. I am just back from PTA meeting today. She has scored excellently well in 11 th standard.It is great to see her active, living and enjoying every moment of her school life. I am confident that she can study in this stream and contribute her bit to the society and enrich herself too. Three cheers to the humanities group!!!

03 Apr, 2013
what ever u luv u should go for it. even i have also decided to take humanities this year.every one ask me after being good in acdemics why am i choosding humanities instead of science or commerce?but i made them know that humanities is also a good subject nd gives good career options.:) all the best to all for ur better future.

26 Apr, 2013
i luv humanities

26 Apr, 2013
i was confused in taking subject in class 11th but this information really helped me in taking subjects i was confused between humanities and pcm but i think humanities is a better option from the both as i don't want to do engineering at all.....

all the best guys

29 May, 2013
i really want to take humanities but this orthodox thinking is stopping me although i love the subject...i'am searching fr career options in this field...
if anybody can wud be a grt help..!!

02 Jun, 2013
i am going for humanities after my 10th boards and i am interested in designing. but i am really bad at drawing so i dont know whether it will be advisable for me to take up designing. i do enjoy creativity but am not sure if i will be able to take up designing.please help me make up my mind. i am so confused.are there good govt instiitutes to pursue designing.

01 Jul, 2013
humanuties is the best subject. it has vast scope .it is the hardest as well is interesting . i just love it .

06 Apr, 2014
i think you all are right about this iam also going to take humanities subject.

thank's guys.

10 Apr, 2014
it is a very orthodox thinking that humanities is a very easy subject and the students who are not good at maths science or commerce take up humanities

26 Jun, 2014
i think it is very good subject. i also study the subject humanities. i love it.........

19 Jul, 2014
i got 10 CGPA in boards yet i took humanities even after hue and cry from my parents because i have a passion towards this subject and i want to be an administrator. People think that the students who are weak in maths and science end up taking arts
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