Special Tuitions – Does It Help Students?
02 Jul, 2013 No Comments
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Special tuitions in today's times are as much a part of a student's life as his school attendance. Kids would not mind missing school for a day or two but to skip a tuition class, is taboo. The parents too, encourage their wards to show more sincerity towards tuitions.
Why is it so that school lessons have become unimportant and the overly expensive tuitions or coaching classes are gaining popularity? It is a phenomenon and needs to be examined carefully. Even more important is figure out whether these classes are of some real help to students or not.
At the inception, it was school teachers themselves who encouraged students to come for extra classes after school. The motive was to make extra money. Unscrupulously, the teachers compromised on class lectures, caused students to flunk and, ridiculed them for scoring less. The only way out of this vicious cycle was to attend the special tuitions the same teacher provided at home. Same subject, same topic, same teacher and the same student, but the sincerity and hard work was for real in tuitions. Such classes were bound to help the student.
Presently, running tuition centres are a full-fledged business. Education has been commoditized successfully. Schooling without special tuitions is incomplete. Ranging from pre-primary to higher secondary, tuition teachers for each and every subject and level are available. They charge heavily and work hard on students. One wonders what the schools are left for!
Special tuitions definitely help the students. With the extra attention towards their subject, they understand better, revise more often and get a better grip on the scores. With the aid of tuitions, kids manage to stay ahead of school syllabus. The subjects of lesser interest are also covered well. Tuitions bring about regularity in studies, a more disciplined approach and an increasing sense of competitiveness. Yes, all of this does help.
What helps even more are direct or indirect hints to probable questions in exams. Students are primed about what is more likely to be a part of their question paper. Once they know what is to be focused upon, there is no room left for lesser scores. One sees school toppers with a score of 99 per cent. Is it really possible to score as much? But it happens. There is cut-throat competition. No one wants to be left behind and hence, the special tuitions. Sky rocketed scores because of the tuitions and then an increased pressure on parents and students to go for special tuitions.
Yes, such classes help, but only by creating a trap that is hard to break.
For students who are genuinely in need of extra time and attention, such classes could be a boon. By teaching every kid keeping in mind his/her intelligence and grasping level, the teachers/tutors could really give a remarkable shape to weak students too.
But my argument is that why is it not possible in schools? School teachers are better qualified and more experienced. If only they would be slightly more dedicated to the nobility of their profession!

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