Prospects Of Learning French As A Foreign Language
14 Jun, 2013 1 Comments
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French is considered one of the most exotic languages. With its stress on nuances and grammar, learning French can be slightly challenging for some. Still, thousands of students in India study it nevertheless. Here are some simple reasons for you to pursue this foreign language as well.

World language: Though it is not exactly as popular as English or Spanish, it too is spoken in a large part of the world. There are 68 French speaking countries and governments in the world, which makes it one of the most spoken languages. Therefore, learning it cannot really be unnecessary. It's large scope makes it the second most learned international language after French. French is also the only international language besides English, that is taught in almost all countries of the world.
Job market: The ability to speak French has its own advantages. A knowledge of this language can open many doors for you, especially in companies from France or other French speaking countries. France is the fifth largest economy of the world and the third most important commercial centre internationally. This makes it figure among the most most key economic zones of the world.
Culture: Whether you acknowledge or not, French is the language of culture. From fashion to cinema, French has an important part in developing today's culture. Theatre, visual arts, photography and food, the best of everything is available in French. French literature is amongst the most celebrated. So if you have a cultural bend, not learning French would be akin to a crime.
Ticket to good travel: France is a beautiful country, but you wouldn't really enjoy it if you struggle to communicate with people. Learning French can make your experience in France absolutely memorable. You can enjoy your travels much more. Visit the rugged yet beautiful coastline of Brittany, or the absolutely fantastic vistas in the Alps for a great panoramic holiday. International relations: French is an important language to learn if you are planning to delve into international relations. It is the official language of the United Nations and the european Union. It is also the spoken language of international courts, Red Cross and several other international organisations of repute.
The language of love: love has a special place in France. The French culture is popular for its conception of love and the French people are known for their passion and their natural inclination towards the most beautiful of human emotions. The language itself is among the most beautiful, sensuous and melodious of languages. This makes it an absolute pleasure to learn. All the other benefits aside, you should perhaps learn French just for the sake of learning a beautiful and rich language that is nothing short of being the key to the world's culture.
Enjoyable: lastly, learning French can be an interesting and enriching experience. There are a lot of schools and interesting methods of learning this language. So you can enjoy learning it as much as you can.

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06 Jan, 2014
Good essay. But no info about its study centers. Shame.
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