Photography And Its Career Prospects
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A picture is worth a thousand words, someone once said. It is true. Pictures amuse you, confound you, puzzle you and make you happy. They are full of information, wonder and a lot of detail. They can be a very powerful medium. So becoming a photographer can be a really interesting experience - both personally and professionally. Photography is still a budding profession though and not what some would call a mainstream profession. If you have an eye for aesthetic detail and composition, you will find photography extremely interesting as well as rewarding. The changing photography technology makes it easier for people to use cameras and lenses. There are software to further perfect photographs and both professional and amateur photography have become rather big. The rise of Mass Communication has had a big role to play in the explosion in photography as a career. So if you are talented, hardworking and creative, the profession of photography is for you. Here are some of the most popular career prospects of photography:

Press Photographers: Also known as Photo Journalists, these press photographers click pictures that are used in newspapers, magazines and news related publications. These pictures are always related to daily events and newsworthy items. For this kind of photography, the photographer has to have very strong instincts and a bend towards news and current affairs. You will also have to be conscious of whether you are clicking pictures for op-eds or human interest stories. For this, you need to be adventurous and be willing to work under extenuating circumstances.

Fashion Photography: This is a field that is quickly becoming very popular. Fashion photography is exactly what it seems to be. Photographers work for design houses, individual designers or even models. A lot of photographers in this field decide to turn to freelancing once they have established themselves in the field. The ability to experiment and creativity are both essential for being a good photographer.

Portrait Photographers: This people oriented stream of photography needs a lot of skill. Portrait photographers need to have a knack about creating appropriate settings, moods and lighting to create the perfect portrait. They have the job to present people in their best light. In India, most portrait photographers also double as wedding photographers. Since you have to work closely with people, you should be highly people oriented to do well in this field.

Industrial Photographers: This is an upcoming area of photography where photographers click pictures of machines, industrial layouts and other things related to an industrial setup. These pictures are either used for news items or industry publications. It has not really evolved in itself, but is still a largely upcoming field. You may have to take up a different form of photography with this one to make a living.

Wildlife Photographers: An interesting and adventurous wing of photography, this is one area where photographers have to capture what they see in the most natural form. To be a successful wildlife photographer, you should be able to capture nature as it is intended. The animals have to be captured in their habitual form and you may also have to take pictures of the natural scenery and landscaping as well.

Feature Photographers: This is perhaps the most difficult of all fields of photography. A single picture tells a story, so for being a feature photographer, you not only have to be insightful, but creative, cautious, attentive and informed. In addition to all of this, feature photographers should have the ability to be at the right place at the right time as well.

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