Options To Continue Studying After PHD
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Study is one such thing that has no ending. Despite the fact that we all think that getting a Masters degree or a PHD is good enough and is the end of studies, this does not hold true all the times. Gaining knowledge is a never-ending process. What is the proper way of gaining good knowledge? It is not just the basic schooling and colleges. In fact, it is about gaining knowledge to the maximum.
It is a misconception that PHD is the last step of one's career. People believe that if anyone has done PHD, then no further studies are required but that is not correct to some extent because there are some different courses that can be pursued even after this degree. Here are some good career options after PHD:
Further research studies
Further research can be undertaken after the completion of PHD. It is true that PHD is the highest level of research work but there is also one year advance research program in specific areas where candidates can dig even deeper into certain subject and come out with something really valuable. This course is the best choice for candidates who feel like they can find something distinctive in their field of excellence if they have more time to devote to its research.
Postdoctoral Program
This is quite a common and a popular program after PHD because earning a Doctorate degree is a big thing. Some exclusive features of this program are as mentioned below:
Postdoctoral program is quite an effective career option after PHD because it is the one thing that is likely to make your research more lucid. It is a step ahead of PHD. After completion of the program, one will feel more independent in taking up a project as he or she will be able to take the whole responsibility of the project.
The responsibilities are increased and even the work load increases at this level but your position will also upgrade and a number of students will work under you. Managerial skills are developed because managing a whole team and the entire project requires a lot of skills. This also involves handling of quite a prestigious work i.e. representing the University's research or various research papers at the National and International committees.
Professional Training
Another option for studying after PHD is to opt for some professional training that can give you a chance to go for some other career option like any post graduate degree in any subject or the subject that is related to your PHD as it will increase your knowledge. This option is however suitable when change in the career stream is desired.
One can also take a degree in Law, because knowledge of Law will make you aware about your rights and can be helpful in taking various part-time job opportunities. It is the only field that does not require a specific subject in school and is also a good career option. Accounts or finance are other options that can be taken up at this stage as these are essential requirements for a good business. If you are a master of finances along with strong knowledge and practical experience in your domain, you can also start your own business.
Other options
You can also go for some vocational training in social work or can join an NGO or any social work organization along with their work. This is an amazing option because you will learn new things daily and can also continue with your PHD career option. This is will give an opportunity to learn about the people of various cultures and how the social problems can be tackled.

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