Making The Most Of A Part Time Course
04 Jan, 2013 2 Comments
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Most of the teaching universities offer part time courses as a part of their distant learning programmes today. These courses aim at skill enhancement, knowledge creation and acquisition of qualifications needed for the ever changing work-place requirements. The following points need to be kept in mind to make the most of a part time course.
A course is as good as it serves the purpose of its perusal. Therefore a part time course must be chosen with due care. A person should find out the need of picking up a particular course. It may be taken up to improve one's skills in the area of present work-place. It may lead to future promotion, a better employment opportunity, better pay package etc. It will also lead to improvement in one's self confidence. Naturally the course chosen should be directly related to the present work-space requirements. When it helps in improving the efficiency, it will definitely help a person in attaining the most out of its perusal.
A course might also aim only at the enhancement of personal knowledge that improves a person mentally without giving any financial benefits. In such cases, it is necessary to first check the areas of personal interest. The choice should be to find out that which will complement the personal mind set of a person and supplement whatever is already known. To get the most out of such soft skill improvement courses one has to be very certain of the areas of personal interests.
It is necessary to find out the future prospects of a course and the possibility of use of the knowledge acquired by following it. Today, a course must not be chosen only because it is in fashion. The result will be sheer waste of time, energy and money. It may become a burden on a person's time- space in future. It is also possible that a person will have to finally abandon the whole thing as non-workable later because the future requirement had not been worked upon in advance.
The part time courses involve considerable amount of money to be spent in advance. It is possible that a person finds himself out of finances and unable to continue to follow it due to lack of funds later on due to the expensive nature of the course. In such a situation the money spent will just be a bad investment. Therefore, the financial aspects of following a part time course must be weighed before the final choice is made.
It is not easy to be regular in following a part time course because it is mostly followed by those who are already engaged in some kind of employment. The time- need of the present employment may cause a regular follow through of the chosen course burdensome at some later period. It will again lead to wastage and loss. Even a part time course requires regular perusal to take it to a satisfactory conclusion.

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14 Mar, 2013
I am 32 years old. I have passed my 10th & i left my studies after that due to family problems. I want to do diploma course with experience.What are the trades in the same. Plz guide me.

14 Mar, 2013
I am 32 years old. I have passed my 10th & i left my studies after that due to family problems. Now i came to know that you are offering partime courses.I want to do part time diploma course with experience.What are the trades in the same? Plz guide me.
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