IGNOU To Popularise Science Through Mobile Phones
02 Mar, 2012 No Comments
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New Delhi: An initiative that aims to educate people across the country about science through free mobile updates has been launched here, an official said on Wednesday.

'Science@Mobile' is an innovative scheme by IGNOU's National Centre for Innovations in Distance Education (NCIDE) in collaboration with Vigyan Prasar, a government body involved in science popularisation tasks.

"Now, interesting science facts, latest science news, health tips, green tips, events and days of scientific importance will be at your fingertips with this service," said the Indira Gandhi National Open University in a statement.

"The basic objective of this scheme is to exploit the potential of mobile phones for science popularisation in society so as to create interest among the people towards science," it added.

There is no subscription fee for the Short-Messaging Service (SMS) and the target group includes educated as well as uneducated people including homemakers and children. The content has been grouped in three categories.

"First category includes those with little education background who need basic science knowledge, the second category would consist of those who are educated but have no science background while the third category would include educated people having sound knowledge about science," the statement said.

Subscribers will be given option to select the type of content and frequency of the messages as per their choice and interest.

"Science communication and popularisation is of utmost importance for our country as a large number of people need to be told about the impact of science and technology in their daily lives," said the statement.



Courtesy : INDIAedunews

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