How To Become A News Reader
20 Jan, 2011 2 Comments
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A newsreader is a person who present news in television or the radio. The profession of a news reader is considered to be a high profile one as the news reader reach out to the world with best and the latest news updates. So, if you are one of those aspiring candidates who wish to reach out to the world and wants to earn fame — a career of news reader can be quite the right decision for you.

To build your career as a news reader, you must have degree in journalism. Diploma in the News Anchoring and TV Journalism course is also acceptable. After completing high school you can think of completing a mass communication course which will be good for your career if you are planning on becoming a news reader. Some special institutions are there which specifically trains you in news reading techniques. But these schools are handful. In India there are institutes which provide short term and long term course in this area. Institutes like Mudra Institute of Communication which located in Ahmedabad is known to provide courses in this area. Editworks School of Mass communication another institute located in Delhi provides a course in this area, the duration of which is for one year. Candidates who are applying for the newsreaders course must be well prepared for the written test paper and the interview which follows. A well awareness of the current as well as international occurrences is very necessary. Apart from this, good knowledge in the field of science, literature and history is also essential. At the time of the interview, the candidates must speak to the point with confidence. You must also have a screen presence and a good voice.

To become a successful news reader you need to work hard with extreme dedication. During your formative years as a student you should have had a bent of mind towards communication. You must be aware about aware of your surroundings as if you do not know what is happening in the city, in the world, the latest trends, the demand in the market, the taste, the outlook and views of people, then you will never be able to grasp the field in its entirety. Reading the papers, books and magazines, net surfing, talking to people, observing everything around you and noting it down in your gray cells, will help you succeed.

As the news reading is related to Mass communication that has various fields to suit your interest, you can switch from one to another specialization without much trouble. There is no strict compartmentalization. The basic requirements remains the same. Initially this is not a highly paid job. But experience and expertise with a few gray hairs, gets you financial success.

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ankita rai

22 Jan, 2011
I have passed my class 12 in 2010 from isc board and i am now willing to become a news anchor. what should i do now? plz suggest something

27 Apr, 2012
interested to become a news anchor in kannada.completed bcom and fluency in kannada,knowledge of current affairs etc...
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