Character Education In Schools
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Character education today is the main focus of basic elementary education. Without moral education, a person cannot learn the values of life and property, respect, and honesty. Parents want their child to learn good traits that help them in their whole life. Beside academics, there is a lot more that is required to teach a child in school. Moral education helps a child to become a true human being other than an engineer, doctor, professor, etc. Character education is really important in this rapid changing environment.

There are definite ways of teaching good morals to a child, and the process starts from home. Schools pay attention on three basic requirements of a child that includes what skills their student possesses, their knowledge, and what kind of people they become? Good character helps a child to understand  responsibilities that make him or her a good citizen. For schools, character education means developing good habits and values in students.

Overall character education includes a long list of values such as responsibility, compassion, friendship, self-discipline, courage, work, honesty, faith, etc. All these values come under moral education. Schools are imparting moral education, but the real meaning is not explored until now, the main focus is on compulsory subjects. Subjects such as maths and science are taught for one hour daily during a week. Moral education left behind as it is taught at most for 30 minutes or so. In professional colleges, there are few or almost no lessons on character. Colleges believe that only scientific teaching will help students in their career.

The declining values in our society are the leading cause of violence and theft. Youngsters of today do not know the value of self-control and respect. Character education affects people of every group and helps them in acquiring basic necessary skills. Anger management and self-control are the values that people can learn from character education. These values help in making a society peaceful. Basic morals are taught in families but the one necessary for handling the world outside can be best explained only in schools. Moral eduction is important for every sector and age group. It does not put any limitations, and you can always head start to make your society liveable.  

Schools should understand the significance of moral education and incorporate it as a compulsory subject. Good character holds importance over everything, and no one can deny its importance. 

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