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02 Mar, 2012 1 Comments
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Political science is a vast  subject and the career in it could be very rewarding. However, only few choose to frame a career in political science. Political science is all about institutions, political values, policies, and processes, and political scientists review the policies and understand how law and constitution of a country affect the life of common people. The study of political science covers issues related to war and peace, law and order, justice, etc in the country. To frame a rewarding career in politics, one should study well about the constitution of the country and other political aspects. One who want to bring some changes in the lives of the people of our country by framing laws and policies should become a political scientist.  


The subjects that you read during your academics such as civics , economics, etc form the base of your interest but the actual education in political science starts while choosing subjects at 10+2. Those who want to frame a career in political science should choose humanities stream and take political science as major subjects. After the successful completion of senior secondary education, one should enroll in  a bachelor degree in political science and to become proficient in the subject one should do a master's degree in this subject. After securing a bachelor degree in political science, one could choose to do  master's degree in variety of related disciplines such as political science, international affairs, peace and conflict resolution, global  politics, etc.

A degree in political science would provide several career opportunities such as in law, journalism, campaign management and elections, national, state, and local government, business, non-profit organizations, research, universities and colleges, etc. You can frame a career in politics or in allied sectors such as law, business, public administration, defence, etc. There are tremendous job opportunities lying for political science graduates and they can do a lot in politics as youth can bring the necessary changes to the existing system.

Desired Skills:
Those who wish to make a rewarding career in politics or allied sectors must acquire excellent written and oral communication skills. One must be well informed about the national and global politics, socio-economic policies,  issues related to politics, etc. A political scientist should have good analytical skills and decision taking abilities. Problem-solving skills, ability to take criticism, diplomacy, open mindedness, ability to manage situations of crisis, strong emotional intelligence, etc are some important prerequisites to shape a career in politics.     

There is no salary benchmark as one earns depending on various factors such as his profile, knowledge, skills, etc.       

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03 Jul, 2012
whatever has mentioned in the above describe regarding the carrer of political science, so many student of they cannot get the job
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