Business Law And The Career Prospects That Come With It
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Law courses are opted more and more by the youth of this country. This is one of the most popular career options and has been a preferred one for a long time. A strong passion is necessary to pursue this career choice. It has been a tradition that only those people come to study law who have a family background in this profession; however, there is no such rule. This avenue can be pursued by anyone who has a strong passion on this subject. Though, before you proceed to this study, the important question that comes to mind is - what are the future prospects of study in law? What opportunities will be available after the completion of this course?
Even though there are many branches of Law, Business law will be considered here. Here are some possible professions that might benefit you:
Teaching :
This is a general option which you can consider as your profession. You can join institutes and teach budding lawyers about the subject. In a way, you can help them to become lawyers in the future.
Law firms :
Law firms employ the majority of business lawyers. Business Law encompasses one of the most diverse and the broadest ranges of career choices in the legal profession. Law firms are the most significant categories of business law opportunities. There can be large firms, mid-sized firms or small firms which take up the business law graduates.
Legal practice with publicly held corporations :
These relate to stocks available for purchase by any investor. These include legal ramification of capital procurement and maintenance related matters as well as its control and management.
Unfair trade practices :
These laws encompass various types of business competition, especially those related to price discrimination, price maintenance as well as trademarks.
Antitrust legislation :
When big businesses gain monopoly power, they engage in price fixing. The work of the business attorneys involves preventing the manufacturers from discriminating against small retailers in favour of large chains.
International business :
Lawyers can advise the investors on the assumptions, risks and benefits of investing in a business in a foreign country.
Real estate transactions :
In this profession, lawyers deal with options, binder contracts, and duties and rights between legal vendees and vendors. It also includes land contract, mortgage law as well as real estate recording systems.
Business organisations :
It is here that attorneys can handle the issues related to the law of employment, partnership, agency, partnership, limited partnership among others.
Regulated industries :
Legal work in this sector may be required for business counselling and planning for corporate and tax issues.
Accounting :
The would-be business lawyers can consider this opportunity where he/she will have to deal with strict laws related to accounting practices. For instance, they would need to get involved in matters related to balance sheets, income statements, liabilities and net worth.
Patents and Copyrights :
This is another legal practice related to domestic business organisations. Patents are exclusive rights granted to investors to make, sell and use inventions for a given period of time. Patents often require attorney's assistance.

The above are some of the feasible avenues which you may think of in order to pursue your career in business law.

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