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Indeed, the ever growing technologies seem to have no limit, with the enchant it could simply create, one will have to sit and wonder if they are actually technology or the other best term, ‘magic'. From bringing the people in a form of a still picture it simply took shapes of moving pictures in the name of videos, bringing the actions of the people. Later we were introduced to something called colour pictures that brought us even closer to reality, bringing the reality in front of our eyes. Not today or yesterday, for a long time, a special attention was given to videos, film and photographs. Anything that needs to be told can easily be conveyed using this technology that was not only at its best, but had a greater reach.

The idea of animation

One can be surprised; nevertheless, the idea of ‘Animation' has been never new to India. Some of the famous magical and entertainment film such as ‘Vedhala Ulagam' and ‘Alavudinum Apputhvilakum' have so much impossible movement in the cameras.
Today, knowing Animation can get you anywhere. Even a slight change in a passport size photograph could be done by animation. Any film can be made in 3D (3 Dimensional) and 3D certainly has a good reception no matter what the film might me.
Animation has come a long way as a professional course in India. Computer animations are produced with the aid of animated images and computer graphics. The most popular term it has got is computer generated imagery and that refers to computer animated moving images. Some of the famous animations include the 3D computer graphics and 2D computer graphics that are so commonly used in websites. But most commonly they can be spotted in films and computer games. Animations indeed have its benefits. It can save the usage of people, weird properties that can come very expensive and the animations can produce some of the bizarre creatures.
The 3D Animations can be created with the aid of some of the advanced software such 3D Maya, 3D VFX, 3DMax and so one. These are very popular software that are taught in several well reputed institutions and been used in several famous production houses for a quality animation. Before the 3D Animations, it was the 2D Animations that are widely used even in small production houses or rather even by the common man. They come of great help in working the morphing of an image. While 2D Animation simply conjures the object or an imaginary person, 3D Animations make them clearer.

The most popular courses

One can ask what exactly the scope of learning animations is. Remember, animations today can get you anywhere. Every production house looks for candidates who have got a certificate in animation courses. If you turn out to be one of the finest students in animation, you might be called overseas as well. As a matter of fact, half the cost in a film goes for animation. For instance, ‘Avatar' had to spend a lot of money just for its animation and the income that could be earned by making animations can shoot up to skies. Some of the animation courses that are always encouraged in and around India are the general animations, gaming animations, web and graphic designing, multimedia courses, 3D animations, Photoshop, InDesign, CorelDraw and more.

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