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01 Mar, 2012 1 Comments
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Automobile engineering is a popular discipline of engineering that deals with design, test, evaluation and manufacturing of vehicles that have entered in our daily life. With latest advancements in technologies, automobile engineers have revolutionized the automobile industry. We have seen the vehicles transforming over ages and today we feel fascinated while watching those high speed, fuel-efficient, luxury vehicles, which would have not been possible without automobile engineers. To become a successful automobile engineer, one must have a sound technical knowledge and good understanding of branch subjects. Vehicles undergo several transformations as per the feedback provided by users and thus the need of automobile engineers would never end. Apart from Indian companies, many foreign automobile industries are investing in the local market thus providing numerous job opportunities for automobile engineers.


To become an automobile engineer one caenroll in a four year bachelor programme(B.E/B. Tech) in Automobile discipline. Those graduated from Mechanical Engineering discipline can also work as an automobile engineer. To pursue engineering one must have done 10+2 with physics, chemistry, and mathematics. You an also enroll in diploma courses in automobile engineering if you don't want to take admission in four year bachelor programme. One can find job opportunities after completing the bachelor programme, but to hone your skills you can choose further studies such as M Tech or MS in automobile engineering.

Automobile industry is ever growing and with improved economies, everyone owns a vehicle which in turn increases the demand of these professionals. Thus, one can find tremendous job opportunities after pursuing a degree in automobile engineering. The advancements in the field have created a boom in the industry and there is a significant rise in the number of companies setting their base in our country thus leading to even more job prospects. Apart from the automobile companies, you can find employment opportunities in transport companies, service station, engineering colleges and institutions, and public departments such as Defence, etc.

Desired Skills:

Sound technical knowledge and good understanding of design applications are some important prerequisites to become an automobile engineer. Advanced drawing skills are needed to design the automobile sketches. Logical and analytical bent of mind, problem-solving skills, good interpersonal skills are some other required traits to become an automobile engineer. Good communication and keeping yourself abreast of the latest advancements in this rapidly changing industry would help a lot.


The salary package for automobile engineers is quite good and even those at the fresher level can earn above-average salaries. Those at managerial positions draw handsome salaries and pay-offs improves as one gain experience.        

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03 Jul, 2012
how many salary we will get in this branch?
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