Is It Better To Do My Post Graduation In Mechanical Engineering In India Or Abroad?

25-Mar-2008 01:15 AM  
saurabh saurabh
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I have done BE mechanical engineering. I would like to do my post graduation in design / automobile / aeronautical. Is it better to do my post graduation in India or abroad (especially US)? Do US degrees have value in India? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?
25-Mar-2008 01:31 AM  
Bharanidharan Bharanidharan
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The great thing about engineering is that you can come out of any school and find a great job. However the best schools in engineering are in the U.S. espeially M.I.T., UPenn, CMU, Berkley, Stanford, Penn State. These would be some of the best schools you can study at. Also the U.S. degree has a lot of value in India, more in most cases than Indian schools. One of the disadvantages is the expense, most U.S. schools are expensive for international students but there are many scholarships. The advantage however is that if you come out of a U.S. school such as the mention you'll will hold more weight in gold and will probably be promoted faster than others around you as most will not have U.S. degrees.
25-Mar-2008 02:04 AM  
raju raju
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I would do the study in the country in which I was planning to work.
25-Mar-2008 17:50 PM  
mona mona
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If you can afford,better do your postgraduation in US,regarding infrastructure universities over there are much ahead than India.US degree are well recognised all over the world.Good luck.
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