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architecture online degree
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Undergraduate Physics Programme at Indira Gandhi National Open University
The undergraduate science programme aimed at providing higher science education through the distance mode at the national level was launched by the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) in December 1991 with an enrolment of 1,210 students. The annual enrolment reached 9,973 in 2003 before stabilising at about 6,000 in 2006. The programme design is based on a flexible credit system and is characterised by a three-tier course structure: compulsory foundation courses (24 credits), elective courses to provide for core areas of study in a discipline (56 to 64 credits), and application-oriented courses (8 to 16 credits) to provide rudimentary skills that help to improve the employment prospects of the graduates. Learners who earn 48 credits in elective courses in any one discipline are awarded the B.Sc. degree in that subject (Vijayshri et al., 1998, p. 109).

The course options, the place, and the pace of learning in the programme are flexible and open. It is offered in five science disciplines (physics, chemistry, mathematics, life sciences or botany, and zoology), and students must opt for a minimum of 25% of total elective credits earned in disciplines with experimental components from laboratory courses. The instructional methodology comprises multiple-media self-instructional packages, with print as the mainstay. The assessment has two components: continuous and term-end. IGNOU provides support services to its B.Sc. students through a total of 1,653 study centres (SCs), out of which 150 (SCs) are activated for the B.Sc. programme. (SCs have been activated in reputed institutions [colleges and university departments] of higher learning to ensure that appropriate academic and other support is provided to the students.) The laboratory training and academic counselling for courses in the B.Sc. programme are carried out at all 150 SCs.

The programme has been well received as demonstrated by the increasing enrolments over the years, and it has been welcomed by those who missed the opportunity for higher science education. However, over the years, students, academic counsellors, and physics experts have expressed concerns to two of the authors about the quality of the curriculum transaction, including the laboratory, the effectiveness of the student support system, and the performance and satisfaction of the learners. Another motivation for the study was the decision taken by the Board of Management of IGNOU in 2002 to revise all programmes so that the shelf life of a programme is not more than seven years. To address these issues, it was considered essential to undertake a systematic evaluation of the physics programme, which is offered as a part of the bachelor’s degree programme in science at IGNOU. In the present study, the major tenets of the CIPP model have been adapted

Please can you cooperate with me in order to
obtain a Bachelor's degree in architecture.......

i have more 40 criedte huors from architecture college king faisal universty saudi arabia .

i have experience in architecture working

. I'll come to canada or any where in the end of year to do exams and presentation my project and model in front of the jury

Subject: : Admission for bachelor degree or any degree online
> Dammam, Saudi Arebia
> Subject: Admission for bachelor degree
> Dear Sir,
> I am Salem Hadi, from saudia arbia i had study bachelor degree in Architecture and Planning from King faisal University, Saudi Arebia but no complete it and i have more 40 criedte huors. and i have experience architecture working
> .i am looking for a college for my Distance bachelor degree study. and i have experience architecture working
> i need you to help my to complete my architecture study to get architecture certificate degree (((Bachelor or Diploma or any level in the field of architecture)))by distance ((online))and i will come to america or any where to make exame on time The end of each semester or each year in front of you In the classroom you have .....notce>>>> i will study architecture by distance easaly becuse i have the experience and i studyed befor in architecture college in king faisal universtey and so many architects here can help me in study. thanks for you and i wait for you to agree So I heartly request you to give admission for my further study.
> Sir, I have three years experience in the field of architecture.
> I will be very very greatful to you if you accept my application. I am looking for your favourable response.
> I hope that you find in assisting me to complete my studies in one of the SCHOOL, colleges and recognizing adopted. And I will be present during the examinations and the provision of projects. and i will come to america The end of each semester or each year in front of you In the classroom you have to do exame.
> I'm very intelligent in the architecture and I have ideas and solutions, maybe I can provide solutions to you.
> Note that I have architectural experience.
> . I have the ability to pass tests in varying higher than students who are studying with you.
> .. I do not want you to help me incredibly alone and attend exam and I have the ability easily to pass
> Thanking You
> Clearly and shorten Can I complete my studies without the presence of architectural classrooms via the Internet online.
> Can I complete my studies by Distance.
> But I'll be coming the end of each year to provide exams and my project in front of the jury.
> I hope to explain to me and help me what can I do.
> I would like to help me in getting the approval of any college or school or institute across the world in order to continue my architectural and thus obtain the certificate.
> It must be a point of the study is recognized and supported.
> Institutes and colleges and schools in large architectural response to my desire and agreed to complete my studies, but where these schools and colleges are not accredited and not recognized by the competent authorities.
> I hope to help me complete my studies and coordination with any college or school in this world.
> Please note that I contacted the Boston Architectural College and refused my request and there are some colleges and academies, which has refused to agree to my studies over the Inter net online only to attend and attendance to study in these schools and colleges will Let me to study through the Inter Net online.
> Is it possible to conclude and coordination to help me in any accepted an accredited to complete my studies and will pay you for that work and effort.
> i want study online any undergraduate
> Undergraduate Programs
> any one online from this
i have some college and expirence in architecture
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Hi Salem,
First of all please try Sir J.J college of Architecture, either they have already started or will start this course soon and comparative will be very cheap. You may contact me if you fail, I can provide you with some other information.
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